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Why Innovators Ink ?

You need a communications partner who is as energetic and passionate as you are about emerging technologies.

From energy efficiency and new packaging materials to energy storage and wind power, you are revolutionizing how we live, play, and work. Innovators Ink™ is a communications partner to cleantech and green tech companies. We are passionate about highlighting the entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists transforming the energy and education landscapes whether you are a start-up, early stage, entering or already in the market.

From the moment you introduce your company, deliver an investor presentation, conduct an interview, design marketing materials, or pitch a client, the words and images you choose are key to building your brand identity. The same energy and due diligence you invest in your business, Innovators Ink™ puts into shaping your message, delivering your story, and connecting you to your audience.


Innovators Ink is a content and business development firm providing women working in cleantech with the key resources they need to advance their initiatives and implement their company’s vision.


Innovators Ink will help you develop a strategy to build business alliances and connect to strategic partners, create content for your website, marketing and trade show materials, reach the media, and identify and secure speaking opportunities.


We believe women's ideas, perspectives and voices are critical to move to a sustainable and clean energy future faster, and we are dedicated to strengthening their participation in the global energy discussion.

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